Our Bail Guarantee

Bail bonds can cost a lot of money, and that’s why you should never gamble with your money or the freedom of loved ones. Work with a reputable bail bond agency such as Independent Bail Bonds today.

We are Offering a 100% Money Back Guarantee on Bail Bonds

At Independent Bail Bonds, we understand that not everyone has tens of thousands of dollars readily available in their bank account. Unfortunately, some bail bondsmen choose to keep their clients’ money even if they failed to bail the defendants out. Don’t worry; WE ARE DIFFERENT – a bail bond agency you can trust. If your loved one was arrested with a $50,000 bail, and you paid us $5,000, Independent Bail Bonds offer a 100% money back guarantee if the court refuses to release the defendant from jail or the law enforcement agency. No questions asked.

Our Bail Guarantee

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